Is this what we want for our TOD? No!

Dec 29, 2018

This is the structure that would hold up the "Light" Rail LINK coming from Seatac and Fedway! It is NOT the Little LINK we have in the Downtown going up to MLK thru Stadium!

The Little LINK is in the street, travels with the vehicles, while the BIG LINK is basically heavy rail and unless we can convince them to underground it, will have to be on a concrete structure like this with 8’x8’ (at least) post on each side of the street to support the double track like this photo (except we will not have single posts because the little LINK will run under it, as well as buses, cars, delivery AND pedestrians!)  What will the perception be of this area, will it ever be able to get beyond the “Shadow effect” caused by this overhead structure?  Look how long 5th Ave languished under the monorail in Seattle.


aerial structure in suburban area east of Seattle
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