It's all good here in the Dome District!

Dec 29, 2018

The Tacoma Dome has been refurbished, D Street/McKinley Bridge is open finally, and we have 3 housing/mixed-use projects thru permitting, with one under construction on Puyallup Ave.!

The housing piece is the last and most important piece to fulfilling our Vision of a true Transit Oriented District (TOD).  The City, along with the Dome District, has watched the pieces fall into place over the last 20+ years (with three Dome District plans) to crystallize into the premiere TOD for the region, as well as the City.


The Dome District’s Core is basically from Pacific Ave to east G ST. This area is zoned Downtown Mixed Use (DMU). The rest of the area east to Portland Ave. is Zoned M-1 and some M-2, which is Industrial, and we like that and hope to keep it for the existing businesses and future small manufacturing businesses.


It is the Core where all the action is. We are part of Downtown now and we see ourselves as the dense residential neighborhood supporting and supported by transit. Where people can live, work and play by walking, riding a bike, using a scooter or transit to get around the city and beyond. We also have up to 40,000 visitors during Tacoma Dome events, who are all pedestrians at some point of their visit here.


To make sure this vision is successful and enhances the lives of those  visiting or living here, we need to be vigilant and involved as the City, Transit Agencies and WADoT invest in infrastructure in our District.  This area must maintain the Pedestrian Priority of our Vision by making sure the streets are mostly for people, with wide sidewalks, bike lanes and easy & wide street crossings. The City needs to fulfill its promise to implement the Quiet Zone (bells only) for the trains crossing east D St. and east C St.  Pierce Transit and Sound Transit need to understand what a TOD is and run their transit thru the Dome District in a respectful way.  WADoT needs to help make Freight easier to get in & out of the Tide Flats with less impact on the Dome District by finishing the Puyallup River/HWY 99 Bridge to Fife & Port of Tacoma Road and work to implement the Slip Ramps off of SR509 to east D St.


Join us at a Dome District Meeting - the 2nd Thursday of the month, noon, at the America's Car Museum.



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